Our Story

Founded in 1983, Cafferty Commercial Real Estate Services (CCRES), has successfully developed over 3 million square feet of office, industrial and retail projects in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions of the United States. 

CCRES distinguished its portfolio early in the company’s history by successfully competing for build-to-suit projects for Fortune 500 companies, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and United States Government agencies. Our development projects range from manufacturing facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for General Electric Company to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) EDGAR Data Center in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Our emphasis is on superior building quality and tight rental rate pricing ensuring long-term relationships with investment grade tenants. CCRES has many repeat Fortune 500 and U.S. Government client relationships, which can be viewed under the clients section of the about page, evidencing our commitment to quality and superior tenant service since 1983.

Below please see a timeline of some of the company's significant events over the years below.


Cafferty Founded in January 1984

Cafferty was founded in January 1984 as Continental Development Corporation by Thomas D. Cafferty and Donald E. Perry, with offices in McLean and Virginia Beach, Virginia. One of the company's first projects was renovating 8100 Gatehouse Road in Falls Church, Virginia for Computer Sciences Corporation/CSC.  The property is still owned by CCRES today and sits next to the INOVA Fairfax campus and down the street from the Mosaic District.

Cafferty developed several build-to-suits in Reston, Virginia

Cafferty developed build-to-suits for MEI at 1893 Preston White Drive; GTE at 11150 Sunset Hills Road and Pracon/El Sevier at 1800 Robert Fulton Drive.
1986 - 1988

20+ Properties Developed

20+ retail, industrial and office projects were developed by Cafferty in Washington, D.C., the Virginia Tidewater and other markets. Major build-to-suit developments included 5301 Shawnee Road in Alexandria, Virginia constructed in 1987 for Boeing with Data Center and SCIF upgrades. 

4250 Pleasant Valley Road

4250 Pleasant Valley Road in Chantilly, Virginia was delivered as a 95,000 square foot build-to-suit development for Virginia Packaging & Supply Company.

Data center development for the National Bank of Washington

Cafferty delivered a 147,000 square foot build-to-suit data denter/office development for the National Bank of Washington as well as 3 Allstate build-to-suits in Maryland.

Cafferty renovated 4250 Pleasant Valley Road

Cafferty renovated 4250 Pleasant Valley Road in Chantilly, Virginia for Oberthur Technologies.

SEC established Edgar Data Center

Cafferty renovated 6432 General Green Way for the U.S. SEC, which housed its operations center and EDGAR data center in the building for more than 20 years.

General American Life Insurance

Cafferty establishes an asset management relationship with General American Life Insurance Company (now MetLife) on eight properties in four states representing $200MM of asset values to reposition, renovate, lease, manage and sell assets.

Expanded SEC relationship

Cafferty leased warehouse space at 6441 General Green Way to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cafferty Construction Services formed

Cafferty Construction Services was formed to provide construction management services for third party projects such as INTUIT’s 60,000 square foot, build-to-suit fee development office building in Fredericksburg, Virginia an office building for The Middleburg Bank in Leesburg, Virginia.

Lockeed Martin selects Cafferty

ACS/Lockheed Martin selected Cafferty to develop a 47,000 square foot office/data center building at 5290 Shawnee Road in Alexandria, Virginia on a build-to-suit basis.

Lockeed Martin adds space

ACS/Lockheed Martin selects Cafferty for a second build-to-suit 37,000 square foot office building at 5270 Shawnee Road in Alexandria, Virginia.

Office Depot selects Woodside Court

Office Depot selects 6304 Woodside Court in Columbia, Maryland for its Mid-Atlantic Regional Offices.

Cafferty sells Stoneybrook Shopping Center

Cafferty sold Stoneybrook Shopping Center in Newport News, Virginia and consolidated its portfolio to focus on the Washington, D.C. area market.

Investor interests acquired

Cafferty consolidated 100% portfolio ownership with Thomas D. Cafferty controlled ownership entities. Aggregate investor returns exceeded 1,100% from the inception of the company.

6441 General Green Way renovated

Cafferty renovated 6441 General Green Way for the United States General Services Administration to serve as warehouse space for the National Technical Information Services/NTIS. 

5301 Shawnee Road renovated

Cafferty renovated 5301 Shawnee Road to serve as the Headquarters for NTIS, a division of the Department of Commerce. Cafferty Construction Services delivered 42,000 square feet of office and Data Center space renovations in 68 days.

6432 General Green Way renovated

Cafferty completed a $6MM+ renovation of 6432 General Green Way for the SEC.

SEC Operations Center

The SEC Operations Center was divested

5290 Shawnee Road sold to ABC Imaging

In January of 2015, 5290 Shawnee Road was sold to ABC Imaging, three months after the vacancy of Lockheed Martin.

6441 General Green Way

Upon request from GSA to assist in the disposition of the excess space at 6441 General Green Way, Cafferty identified Goodwill of Washington, DC to re-lease the 30,000 square foot GSA area saving GSA significant lease costs and establishing the distribution facility for Goodwill of Washington, DC.

Cafferty sold 5321 Shawnee Road

Cafferty sold 5321 Shawnee Road. The property was previously impacted with significant contamination that was thoroughly remediated in 2008, with Cafferty receiving awards for the thoroughness of the remediation program. Extra Space Storage, and their developer, Nuvo Development & Construction, is developing a 106,000 square foot brick and reflective glass self-storage building. It has the highest quality exterior components of virtually any self-storage facility in the DC market.

Cafferty renewed a GSA lease for 10 years

Cafferty renewed the GSA lease for the National Technical Information Service (a division of the Department of Commerce) for three floors of 5301 Shawnee Road.